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NOTICE! This comic was made in 2011-2014. I didn't plan it enough and started it pretty much as a improvisation comic that didn't have an actual plot so it's a quite fuzzy. --- Kruptos means hidden in greek which descripts very well the whole comic. Kruptos is actually a story about two wolf brothers whose parents were murdered and who just try to survive together. WARNINGS: slight connotations to things like transgender, homosexuality, cannibalism, massacre and murder but also strong content (blood and violence)


Kruptos - 2 years!

Few months ago (in april) my comic project had 2 years birthday!

I'm actually surprised this comic is still going with more or less updates. I'd really like to thank all my readers, I hope there's still some of you reading this comic.

I decided to do new design for this comic and by design I pretty much mean new pics. I also had to edit html-code a bit because it had some mistakes.

Thank you all for being there!
Don't be afraid to comment! They always make my day.

- Anttu

posted by darkerthandark @ July 6th, 2013, 3:41 am  -  0 comments

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